Open Property Data Association Appoints First Intermediary Exec Member

Dale Jannels, CEO at One Mortgage System (OMS) Joins Executive Committee to Put Intermediaries at Forefront of Data-Driven Transformation in the Property Industry

The core mission of the Open Property Data Association (OPDA) is to deliver digitisation of the home buying and mortgage process through the adoption of open property data and technology standards across the whole industry.

One of the key elements in making this a reality is collaboration and working with people and firms who are able and prepared to innovate so OPDA is delighted to announce that Dale and OMS are joining the association to drive this change for the intermediary market.

Maria Harris, Chair of OPDA:

“Intermediaries and mortgage lending play a crucial role in determining the customer’s home buying experience. It’s an area where we’ve seen huge innovation in recent years but there’s much more we can do to join up the end-to-end process and leverage the power of data and connectivity.

Therefore, I’m hugely excited that Dale and OMS have joined us to deliver these standards and connectivity for intermediaries. OMS’ approach to developing technology is data and API first which puts them in a great position to help shape and deliver the next phase of our digital evolution. Dale’s passion for working across the sector to improve the intermediary, lender, and customer experience exemplifies the collaborative attitude and mindset we need.” 

Dale Jannels, Founder and CEO at OMS

Dale is one of the most well-known and experienced leaders in the intermediary and specialist lending sector. Following a five-year spell working for Legal & General, Dale joined AToM in 1999 where he graduated through the ranks before being appointed Managing Director in 2011. AToM became Impact Specialist Finance and has continued to be a multi award-winning mortgage packager and distributor and is a founding partner of OMS.

“I’m excited to work with Maria and the team at OPDA. I wholeheartedly agree with the vision and the approach that is being made to support the property buying and mortgage process and ultimately, the end consumer will benefit from these great strides forward. OMS was created to provide an easier mortgage transaction for all parties in the process and I believe our recent discussions can assist in developing a quicker and streamlined overall property transaction. I congratulate the OPDA team on making huge progress so far and I can’t wait to contribute moving forward. “

At OPDA, our mission is clear: to foster innovation, build trust, and drive industry-wide collaboration to digitise and streamline the home-moving and mortgage process using the power of data. Together, we are paving the way for a new era of data-driven customer and user experience.
Open Property Data Association is open for associate member applications via the website

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