OMS launches full API integration with Air Sourcing

OMS launches full API integration with Air Sourcing

One Mortgage System (OMS) has launched a full application programming interface (API) integration with later life lending platform, Air Sourcing. 

This integration will enable OMS users to access the Air Sourcing platform without having to leave the system or rekey any data.

Air Sourcing is a technology solution which offers later life advisers the ability to search and recommend the most relevant, up-to-date later life lending solutions and services for their clients.

Following a recent round of updates, Air Sourcing can now offer vulnerability assessment tools via WriteRoute, an API health check to help members monitor their API functionality, and a product options triage and affordability calculator tool.

In addition, Air recently launched its Navigator Tool, designed to speed up affordability assessments, and has rolled out a Change Log to help advisers stay informed on upcoming product innovations and features.

Neal Jannels (pictured), managing director of OMS, said: “There is strong level of synergy between the OMS and Air Sourcing platforms in terms of the level of expertise and market experience behind the technology and our dual ability to deliver a variety of solutions in a fast, efficient and compliant manner.

“As a platform in its own right, Air Sourcing provides the ability to identify the most suitable and best value product first time, every time and generates an avenue which users who are fully qualified to offer later lending advice can benefit greatly from. 

“Our highly configurable platform will allow firms to diversify into other product areas such as later late life lending, so this is an integration which represents yet another important forward stride in our journey to arm OMS users with seamless links into all corners of the mortgage market and in fully supporting the advice process how and where we can.”

Mike Taylor, managing director of Air, added: “Partnering with the OMS platform was an easy decision, and that’s because our company values are singularly aligned to a shared purpose: encouraging later-life lenders to take full advantage of cutting-edge mortgage technology to deliver efficient, tailored and compliant outcomes for their customers.

“In recent months, we have introduced several rounds of updates to Air Sourcing as we’re constantly looking to improve the service for advisers and their firms. With a few keystrokes, advisers can pinpoint the most suitable product for a client’s individual financial situation, speeding up conversations and ensuring a high quality of service.”

He continued: “In the aftermath of the latest Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) review, and the not-long-passed Consumer Duty deadline, we’re dedicated to equipping our sector to rise to the challenge and continue the good work already done to improve customer outcomes.

“Air Sourcing will enable advisers to provide a diverse range of specialist products, ensuring that customer choice always comes first. This new integration is another confident step in the right direction.”

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