OMS Integration Case Study – iPipeline

One Mortgage System and iPipeline have been in partnership since 2019, offering OMS users access to protection research, product applications, and comparisons, all without having to leave the system.

Since COVID-19, the importance of protection for clients has remained a hot topic, with more consumers researching their protection options following unexpected illnesses, unemployment and more during COVID-19.

OMS Head of Marketing Jodie sat down with Taljit from iPipeline to discuss the importance of protection, and how brokers can use OMS and iPipeline to improve their customer experience.

“Why did iPipeline decide to integrate with OMS?”

OMS was a new entrant to the market at the time, and it immediately became clear that we share the same values. OMS is an innovator, as is iPipieline, both companies strives to constantly adapt and challenge the market.

“How can brokers use OMS to reduce their time spent sourcing protection?”

Time saving, especially during this more challenging market, is a big consideration for brokers, and using the seamless integration of iPipeline’s Solutionbuilder in OMS can ensure brokers can source protection quickly and efficiently. 

Documents stay compliant, and all the data is stored in one central platform. As the systems are fully integrated, you do not need to leave the OMS system to source your protection, saving time on re-keying data onto separate systems.

“Why should brokers place more importance on quoting for protection?”

 Brokers have a duty of care to their clients, and protection is sometimes an afterthought through the mortgage process, but this shouldn’t be the case. iPipeline research found that following the COVID-19 pandemic, income protection and life insurance searches increased and have remained at the forefront of client’s minds.

COVID highlighted how quickly life can change, people became aware of their jobs, their health and their income being at risk. With this increase in the importance of protection for clients, why not be the broker that offers a full service start to finish?

“Can you tell us why single-input data systems should be on brokers radar?”

Single input systems can save brokers enormous amounts of time and reduce the likelihood of errors. Swapping systems to source different products leaves room for human error, as does storing data in Excel files and in separate places, whereas with this process brokers can pull documents back and ensure all the information is present. 

With Consumer Duty also at the forefront of brokers minds at the moment, one of the key factors of to a successful strategy is ensuring consistent delivery of the best customer journey and quality of service, so reducing the likelihood of error is a major factor in that.

Another key thing to note whilst on the topic of Consumer Duty, is that brokers have a duty to re-visit clients and assess their changing circumstances and needs. This is far easier to do via this system and can save time on administrative duties.

“Tell us a bit more about your SolutionBuilder system, why is it unique?”

Using SolutionBuilder, brokers can diversify, offering further services to their clients.

The system covers the full protection product set, including Life Cover, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Business Protection. Advisers can maximise client’s budget to ensure they are covered adequately. 

The system also offers built in risk reports and stats that help brokers overcome objections such as ‘why do I need this’ and engage with clients on their unique circumstances. The features of SolutionBuilder were largely built on brokers request to have more literature and help engaging clients to understand the importance of protection.

Brokers can generate a pre-risk report before meeting that ties in the client and what your risk analysis, and as the system will already have the mortgage product information, the report can show an illustration unique to the mortgage payment for the client and give an idea of overall mortgage & protection costs.

Another fantastic feature is compare quality, where you can select different providers and products and compare features. This offers more choice to the client, as different features will be important for each client, for example, having priority at GP services or Counselling. Protection is not a one size fits all, so tailoring to individual clients so more likely to get the client protected as it is a personal quote.

“What would you say 3 top features of SolutionBuilder are?”

  1. Results screen – This is so user friendly. For example, if you have requested a joint policy quote, the result screen will show a joint option with cost, and also the cost for two individual policies to see what option is best for the client.
  2. Sliding bars – To make the process even easier, brokers can live adjust the quote with clients, such as add different covers and playing around with values to get a good result, This makes it easier to get clients to look at protection as it is so simple and instant and means you can generate multiple quotes without having to rekey.
  3. The menu plan – You can add up to 10 benefits in one page, so you can quickly build a diversified quote, making it easier to write multi benefit policies.

“Do you have any upcoming webinars for brokers looking to find out more about using tech in today’s market?”

We do! we have pre-recorded webinars that we have had great feedback on from brokers, and lots more coming up in 2024, take a look and utilise your plan!

Taljit Kang

Key Account Manager



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