OMS Client Case Study – UKMoneyMan

Manging Directors Malcolm and Amy Davidson


UKMoneyMan is a well established broker firm based in Hull. Today we are going to be talking to them about their decision to partner with OMS, their goals for 2024 and how OMS has supported their growth in 2023.

Tell us a bit about UKMoneyMan and what your company goals are for 2024?

UK Moneyman is an independent mortgage broker based in Hull.  We’ve been established since 2009 and Malcolm, our MD, has over 25 years’ experience as a mortgage broker.

Our goals for 2024 are to keep working to improve our systems and processes with efficiencies whilst maintaining our 5-star service to customers.

We’re also looking to break into the business-to-business market with introducers now that we have a truly independent offering, our services now include later life, bridging and secured loans. 

Why did UKMoneyMan decide to partner with the OMS?

We decided to partner with OMS due to it being a very well established and award-winning system.  A cloud-based system with no document storage on our machines was also a main selling point for us as we thrived to improve our cyber security.

Also, management information is vital to our operation, therefore, having a fully customisable live reporting suite was close to our heart.  With OMS we are able to build our own reports that are specific to our business giving us a helicopter overview of both individual and company performance.

Can you highlight specific features or aspects of the OMS that attracted UKMoneyMan?

UK Moneyman was attracted to OMS by the various integrations that it has in place which saves lots of duplicate work.

Examples are with credit reports which are quick, easy, and good value.  Before OMS we used to put the phone down on every customer and send them off to get a credit report to send to us, now because we can do this ourselves in seconds with the client’s permission, our conversions have improved. 

Also, there are integrations with mortgage and protection sourcing, and solicitors’ quotations that save lots of time.

Could you provide examples of how the OMS platform has improved the efficiency of your workflow or client interactions?

OMS gives you the ability to fully customise your workflows to suit your business.  A workflow is a series of tasks based on your sales process.  For example, you’d have a different workflow for a remortgage than you would an equity release mortgage.

Also, different roles in the business can work from the same workflow to improve teamwork and communication.  Doing this also allows everyone working on the case to have all the notes, documents, and case overview all together for ease.

Our client journey is also improved as we’ve set up automatic emails and SMS messages go out on key points along the sales process keeping them in the loop.

What distinguishes the OMS platform from other options in the market, and how does it cater to the unique requirements of your industry?

The owners of OMS are from a broking background so they perfectly understand the systems and processes we perform and how these can vary between mortgage firms.

They also seem to be tech savvy and keep up to date with new products and services.  We’re confident that when an integration is announced or is launched that it’s going to work well within the CRM.

In what ways has the OMS platform enhanced your ability to manage and nurture client relationships?

We’ve managed to improve our appointment to submission conversions by setting up nurture journeys for each type of client journey, helping our advisors send our more relevant and personalised keeping in touch emails.

Also, OMS works alongside the mortgage monitoring service Dashly who provides a free monthly home report to each of our customers letting them know they’re on the best deal.   This helps our retentions conversions significantly.

 Could you elaborate on the range of services UKMoneyMan provides and how the OMS platform supports these services?

OMS supports all the products and services that we offer including integrating with twenty7 tech for mortgage sourcing, solution builder and assure web for protection quotes, and a newer integration is air sourcing for our later life services.

All the services are nicely integrated within OMS and as a company we save lots of time using an all-in-one platform.

What role does technology, particularly the OMS platform, play in ensuring compliance and security UKMoneyMan?

OMS has helped us become a truly paperless office which both increases efficiencies and ensures that all our data is held within a secure system protected by a password policy.

Our external compliance service is also set up as a user with specific permissions to easily check files and review documents.  We can then report on which files have been checked, the type, and how many we are reviewing externally along with feedback using the OMS reporting data. 

Want to find out more about UKMoneyMan? Head to the website now

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