Can your CRM become a member of your team and a business partner

Melanie Spencer, Business Partnership & Growth Director of One Mortgage System (OMS) —

As the mother to a proud Liverpool FC fan, I’m fortunate enough to have become accustomed to many great days over the years but then again there are other days and events which have served to take the wind right out of our sails, sometimes when we least expected it.

With this in mind, it was a sad day in my house when Jurgan Klopp announced that he was leaving Liverpool at the end of the season. Now I fully understand that some people have been bemused by the hyperbole around this and I’m sure there were many who saw the social media outpouring as a little over the top. However, as a passionate fan in a passionate sport, we do tend to wear our hearts on our sleeve and losing someone who is now seen as our own is tough to take. Especially having generated such success on many levels over a good number of years.

Looking at this from a business perspective, losing any key member of staff is a painful process and one which can be felt throughout the whole team. However, as difficult as this can be to take, the reality is that the world keeps turning, customers still need your attention and the wheels of commerce need to keep running.

There are alternative ways to approach such a loss. Taking a positive approach, such a move could result in the upskilling of existing team members who may be ready, willing and able to step up to the plate but may not have got the opportunity otherwise.

Since there is already some change in the offing from this key loss, it could also prove to be an opportune time to evaluate various processes and efficiencies across the business to see if a like for like replacement is required, or if it might be more beneficial to integrate a change in structure.

Then there are questions to be asked around if existing technology can fill, or at least part fill, this potential recruitment hole or if there are systems and solutions out there which could help from an efficiency and cost standpoint to better support the business in the short, medium and longer-term.

One simple place to start in this complex equation is through analysing the performance of a CRM platform and viewing this more as a team member than as an outlying cost to the business. After all, utilising such a system can allow the client to complete the initial fact find, complete an ID and Experian  check, upload documentation and receive case updatesas opposed to the adviser having to spend valuable time going through the entire process rather than picking out specific areas to focus on if necessary.

A good, comprehensive CRM platform will also assist the product and criteria sourcing for the adviser, and generate ancillary quotes such as protection and general insurance to help introduce additional income streams. AVM technology also delivers notifications regarding issues with the valuation report, a process which can save the customer time and a decent chunk of money.

For those intermediary firms currently operating with, or without a CRM platform , there’s no need to wait for a key staff member to leave to evaluate how such a solution can streamline many activities across the business, freeing up valuable time to generate more revenue, invest in areas such as training and development, staff welfare and/or investigating alternative income streams.

Change is part of life and we all have to ensure we are best prepared for change where possible, even when it comes as real a shock to the system. So, farewell Jurgan, you will be missed……but never forgotten.


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