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Dedicated to the intermediary, The Brightstar Group assists brokers with placing cases that have been declined by mainstream lenders, enabling them to expand their client offering and income potential. Founded in 2011, The Brightstar Group is a multi-award-winning business, exceeding £5 billion of specialist lending and winning more than 140 awards. As one of our newest customers, we sat dow with Brightstar to talk about their upcoming plans and their decision to partner with OMS.


Tell us a bit about Brightstar Financial and what your company goals are for 2024? 

Founded In 2011, Brightstar’s main goal is to support the broader intermediary market and all our customers to source specialist finance solutions. For 2024 our goal is clear: to continue to provide first class customer service in a complex lending environment, with a  unified management team across the entire group, working to drive our company forwards. To achieve this, we decided to implement unified processes across our brands, including and most importantly the adoption of the OMS platform, enabling us to handle more complex transactions while keeping the process as simple as possible for our customers. 


Why did Brightstar decide to partner with OMS? 

We recognise that we’re not a tech company. We want to stay doing what we do best, which is providing the best possible outcomes for our brokers and clients, so we decided to partner with the best in the industry. We had an existing CRM in place, but we needed something more advanced as we are expanding operations and we needed greater efficiency. OMS emerged as our top choice. It’s hands down the best CRM for the mortgage industry, especially for specialists like us. We decided to go with OMS for its ease of use, personalisation, and advanced capabilities, saving us the trouble of reinventing the wheel. 


Can you highlight specific features or aspects of the OMS that attracted Brightstar Financial? 

When considering the features that drew us to OMS, the decision was clear. We decided to align ourselves with a platform built by people who understand the intricacies of being a UK mortgage adviser and the wider specialist market. The system’s understanding of the complexity and diverse routes to market, along with relevant integrations, influenced our choice. We chose OMS for its unique personalisation capabilities, allowing us to tailor workflows without ongoing costs, whether for high street, or specialist lending. 


Could you provide examples of how the OMS platform has improved the efficiency of your workflow or client interactions? 

Since we implemented OMS, every client now goes through the same streamlined process, from enquiry to completion. OMS’s intuitive reporting capabilities have eliminated manual efforts, integrating with the likes of Companies House, and simplifying AVMs. We are only scratching the surface of its potential. This is all enabling our staff to focus on providing the highest quality service and advice to brokers and clients alike. 


What distinguishes the OMS platform from other options in the market, and how does it cater to the unique requirements of your industry? 

Our decision to opt for OMS over other options in the market was driven by its unique blend of being off-the-shelf yet completely customisable. We decided on OMS for its adaptability, comprehensive integrations, and its promise to be the most integrated system available. The ability of the system to leverage brilliant technology that can evolve and respond to a changing mortgage market with ease helps to set it apart. 


In what ways has the OMS platform enhanced your ability to manage and nurture client relationships? 

Choosing a web-based system was a decision we made due to speed and providing rapid access to information and updates. The ability to quickly narrow down specific customer details allows us to prioritise and provide proactive support throughout our customers journey. We want customers to contact us throughout their whole journey, and ensure we support them with extended offerings and refer them for other services if and when needed. This makes for a truly holistic journey and ensure the customer and their needs are the utmost focus for us all.


Could you elaborate on the range of services Brightstar Financial provides and how the OMS platform supports these services? 

Our decision to work with OMS was strategic, especially considering our diverse range of services. We work with over 75% of the mortgage intermediary market and across all our lending areas, including standard packager/distributor relationships, supporting introducers, and collaborations with developers, portfolio landlords and many limited companies through Sirius. We decided on OMS because it uniquely supports the integration of multiple divisions, providing a seamless experience. 


What role does technology, particularly the OMS platform, play in ensuring compliance and security Brightstar Financial?  

When it comes to compliance and security, OMS plays a crucial role. We decided on OMS because it offers an end-to-end solution, providing a complete trail of customer interactions that forms the bedrock of our compliance culture, as well as a full audit trail for anyone connected to the case to see. OMS also has a built-in section for Consumer Duty, and Vulnerable Customers, ensuring we are compliant and always protecting our customers. OMS’s proactive approach and market understanding ensures the system is ready for upcoming changes, without us having to ask. The system will enable us to enhance our ability to track the outcomes of customers displaying signs of vulnerability, and prompt any additional actions to be offered by our brokers in support of these clients.

Improved diary systems will ensure regular contacts are made with our clients and brokers to ensure consumers are reminded of key milestones that will prevent foreseeable harm throughout the life of the product journey. Integrated reporting and simplified access to client data will allow us to fully understand consumer trends and adapt our services to meet their needs. In addition to this OMS gives us the opportunity to transact with our customers in an increasingly more efficient and cost effective manner which potentially enables us to understand the outcome of an application much earlier in the process which reduces a customer’s abortive costs. The OMS system not only has the ability to further enhance our existing client care programme, but will also be instrumental in helping us to enable and support retail consumers to pursue their financial objectives, and deliver the best consumer outcomes. 

What is on the horizon in 2024 for Brightstar? 

Looking towards the future, we are confident that our decision to partner with OMS positions us for continued success. Our commitment to efficiency, client satisfaction, and compliance, coupled with OMS’s capabilities, fuels our anticipation for growth throughout 2024. We look forward to working alongside OMS to further develop LaunchPad to deliver the best outcomes for all our customers at Brightstar and Sirius. 

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