#FRA24 Winning Values: Maximising tech benefits to support the advice process

Melanie Spencer Partnership & Growth Director at OMS | Financial Reporter Awards –



“It’s vital for firms and individuals to acknowledge the right tech providers who understand their needs and add value in all the right places.”

The role of the adviser continues to evolve in line with client demands and market dynamics. Of course, you already know this but the question is – do your service providers also fully appreciate this important factor and, if so, do they have the flexibility, capability, scalability and expertise to develop their systems and service to support these increasingly complex requirements?


As a tech provider specialising in the intermediary market, we appreciate how important it is to consistently push boundaries from a development, integration and service perspective to ensure that users and strategic partners can maximise the potential tech benefits across their business.


An often overlooked factor in this journey is to not only have a deep rooted understanding of specific user requirements but also why they need different types of functionality to help streamline front and back-office processes. Therefore freeing up valuable time to focus on the advice process itself, invest in areas such as training and development, staff welfare and/or investigating alternative income streams.


OMS spawned from a highly successful brokerage and specialist distribution business which has now been operating in the UK intermediary market for coming up to 30 years. So, you could say that we have plenty of experience from a broker standpoint and through some close lender relationships.


From a standing start, we have used this experience to get to grips with exactly how and where technology can be best served to support the advice process and in better connecting advisers with even the most complex areas of such a multifaceted industry, especially across the previously untapped specialist markets.


On the back of this extensive knowledge base and network of contacts, we developed an industry-leading CRM system which can complete the product and criteria sourcing journey for the adviser. In addition, it generates ancillary quotes such as protection and general insurance to help introduce additional income streams. AVM technology also delivers notifications regarding issues with the valuation report, a process which can save the customer time and a decent chunk of money.


It also works to improve efficiencies by automating workflows, reducing the need to rekey important data, bolstering retention strategies, optimising time-consuming internal processes and reducing operational costs where possible. And enhances the mortgage journey by including tools which provide personalised customer support in a more time efficient manner and allow businesses to seamlessly collate, manage, and track initial enquiries right through to providing valuable – but sometimes overlooked – after-sales support.


The tech learning curve has been a steep one but it’s one which has also generated a number of new avenues to explore and contribute greatly to an environment which is propelled by a quest to constantly improve and embed winning values across the business.


Such growth also requires implementing and maintaining a large number of key policies and processes throughout the business, which in turn helps build trust among clients and stakeholders, reassuring them that their information is safeguarded against potential threats. It also provides tangible proof of our ongoing dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security throughout our system.


There are a huge range of tech resources on offer which can prove highly advantageous for a range of business needs. Although, to demonstrate tangible benefits. it’s vital for firms and individuals to acknowledge the right tech providers who understand their needs and add value in all the right places.


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