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Joe Defires | Managing Director at The Loan Partnership                                                                      

Tell us a bit about The Loan Partnership ltd and what your company goals are for 2024? 

As the Managing Director of The Loan Partnership Ltd, I’m proud to lead a prominent second charge, bridging, and commercial broker, specialising in the B2B sector. With a decade of industry experience and a dedicated team of 32 staff members, including myself, The Loan Partnership Ltd has firmly established itself as a prominent player in the field.

Now looking ahead our company goals reflect our commitment to growth and innovation:

  1. Ecosystem Expansion: Following our acquisition by Pivotal Growth in August 2022, we’re now focused on expanding our ecosystem of brokers. This comprehensive approach allows us to provide a full-rounded solution, enhancing client retention, and facilitating seamless referrals within the industry.
  2. Strengthening Offerings: Maintaining stability is paramount as we continue to educate our clients about second charge products. Our focus remains on offering a diverse range of services, including loans for home improvements, regulated and unregulated mortgages, and packaging services for both first and occasionally second charge mortgages.
  3. Market Diversification: With our solid independent offering, I’m excited to explore opportunities in the B2B market. We’re actively expanding our introducer network to better serve our clients. Additionally, our expanded services now include, unsecured, bridging, and secured loans, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

Why did The loan Partnership ltd decide to partner with OMS? 

Before we partnered with OMS, TLP was accustomed to utilising a system which is no longer operating. However, as they ceased to offer a suitable solution, we at TLP were looking for a platform that was not only fit for purpose but also adaptable to the evolving needs of lenders and the market. It was during this search that John Webb mentioned that Neal (OMS Managing Director) and Dale Jannels (OMS CEO) had been working on such a system and prompted us to reach out.

Impressed by their expertise and personable approach, particularly their deep understanding of the industry stemming from their years of brokering experience, we felt reassured that OMS would cater to our needs effectively. 

Despite initially joining when OMS was still in the early days of production for second charge mortgages, the collaborative effort between TLP and Neal during the COVID pandemic led to the development and testing of a bespoke second charge CRM, now integral to their operations. The emphasis on trust and reliability further solidified their decision, as OMS consistently delivered on their promises, fostering a strong sense of partnership. 

Additionally, Neal’s involvement transcended professional collaboration, evolving into a genuine friendship, where I would happily grab a pint with him!  This greatly enhanced our working relationship. As OMS continues to experience exponential growth, TLP is proud to be associated with a company that is increasingly recognised and esteemed within the industry.

Could you provide examples of how the OMS platform has improved the efficiency of your workflow or client interactions? 

The OMS platform has significantly enhanced our workflow and client interactions in several ways. Firstly, its seamless integration with APIs enables us to offer clients a vast array of options, which enhances our ability to serve them effectively while reducing the need for additional full-time employees. 

Additionally, It enables us to be more efficient and save time as the platform allows us to perform credit searches during initial fact-finding discussions, minimising the need for subsequent client follow-ups and ensuring the accuracy of information gathered. This not only saves time but also improves transparency between clients and brokers. Furthermore, the integration with Land Registry streamlines processes, serving as a one-stop shop for information retrieval and reducing the need for redundant data entry. 

Also, the centralised document management system eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple folders and applications, providing a more organised and streamlined approach to document handling. Overall, the OMS platform has transformed and revolutionised our operations, empowering us to deliver superior service to our clients while optimising internal efficiency.

Can you highlight specific features or aspects of the OMS that attracted The Loan Partnership?

The Loan Partnership Ltd was attracted to OMS for several specific features and aspects. Firstly, OMS’s cloud-based nature made us feel secure knowing their operations were hosted on a reliable platform. Additionally, we appreciated the level of responsiveness displayed by OMS’s support team, ensuring any issues or queries were promptly addressed. Furthermore, the potential for OMS to evolve and develop, coupled with their eagerness to keep growing, resonated with our own commitment to progress at TLP. Finally, Neal’s deep understanding of the industry and his ability to seamlessly integrate technology and mortgage expertise into one cohesive solution were particularly compelling, demonstrating OMS’s grasp of the industry’s needs and challenges.

What distinguishes the OMS platform from other options in the market, and how does it cater to the unique requirements of your industry? 

As mentioned, the OMS platform stands out in the market due to its unique combination of expertise in technology and industry knowledge, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of our company. Additionally, the responsiveness and adaptability demonstrated by the OMS team ensure that any challenges or requirements are promptly addressed and effectively met. 

This level of trust in the business, particularly in Neal’s leadership and the team he has built, further reinforces our confidence in OMS. Their consistent delivery on promises underscores their reliability and commitment to excellence, making OMS the preferred choice for meeting our industry’s unique requirements.

 In what ways has the OMS platform enhanced your ability to manage and nurture your introducer relationships? 

The OMS platform has significantly enhanced our ability to manage and nurture our introducer relationships in several keyways. Firstly, the communication features, such as the SMS and email functions, have been invaluable in allowing us to keep in regular contact with our introducers, facilitating seamless communication and ensuring they are always kept informed throughout the process. 

As a company that places a high value on service quality and long-standing relationships, maintaining open and transparent communication is paramount to us. Additionally, the system’s functionality has streamlined our workflow, particularly in managing our needs list to complete deals, whether from third parties or the client themselves. Ultimately, our introducers appreciate the level of transparency and engagement that the OMS platform enables, ensuring they are never left in the dark about their clients’ progress. 

What role does technology, particularly the OMS platform, play in ensuring compliance and security The Loan Partnership ltd?  

Within The Loan Partnership ltd, we rely on a cloud-based system to streamline operations and enhance collaboration. Our proprietary compliance function, seamlessly integrated within OMS, offers a structured journey with tailored milestones, reflecting our unique business needs. 

Unlike standard approaches, our compliance checks are strategically embedded throughout the process, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. Through OMS we have the flexibility to customise these checks to suit our specific requirements, enabling us to conduct audits along the journey. 

Furthermore, our security measures include the setup of external compliance services with designated user permissions, facilitating efficient file checks and document reviews. Leveraging OMS reporting capabilities, we can track checked files, monitor review statuses, and generate comprehensive reports, providing valuable insights and feedback for continual improvement.

Thought for 2024 and The Loan Partnership ltd? 

In 2024, The Loan Partnership Ltd is focusing on several key initiatives: Firstly, we aim to enhance our D2C services to better serve our clients. Additionally, we’re expanding our operations into the unencumbered property market, opening new avenues for growth and diversification. We’re also eagerly anticipating future acquisitions within the Pivotal Growth Group, as we believe they will present exciting opportunities for our organisation. 

We predict that 2024 will mark a significant year for Second Charge Mortgages, with the end of 5-year fixed terms leading to potential rate increases that may surprise clients. To navigate these changes, we’re committed to educating our introducers and fostering strong partnerships in the Second Charge market.

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