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Martin Swann | Sales and Managing Director at Try Financial Ltd.                                                                 

 Tell us a bit about Try Financial and what your company goals are for 2024?

Try Financial Ltd is based in Ipswich and is directly authorised by the FCA and, effectively, is three businesses in one. We operate locally as a business to consumer enterprise in Ipswich under the trading style Try Financial; we offer a business-to-business service for brokers who want to access our expertise in the property lending market, whether that’s residential, investment, commercial or secured loans – all under the umbrella of Try Specialist Finance; we also operate our boutique styled, appointed representative and adviser network under the emerging brand Try Mortgage Network.

This year we are planning to develop our CRM proposition with One Mortgage System even further providing some brilliant new initiatives and integrations to the TMN Membership! We are long-standing and very satisfied customers of OMS and their incredibly helpful team, benefiting from their excellent can-do approach to delivering the things our members really require.

We are looking to grow our distributor base this year appreciably, by taking on new appointed representatives and registered intermediaries who are looking for a network that is fully equipped to take on the challenges of 2024 and beyond.


Why did Try Financial decide to partner with OMS?
When we had our first demo of the system, there were, genuinely, shouts afterwards of hallelujah! It was very clear to us that, at last, after many demonstrations of alternative CRM systems, we had found a system which was genuinely intuitive and, critically, built by mortgage brokers for mortgage brokers. That sense of connection is as strong today as it first was and is key to the success of our relationship with OMS. Long may it continue.


Can you highlight specific features or aspects of the OMS that attracted Try Financial?
Yes, so from our point of view:
• The ability to have a fully integrated mortgage and sales protection platform.
• The ability to carry out remote and discreet compliance checks
• The flexibility to customise the system to meet our specific needs, including the provision of specific management Information – sales reports, compliance reports, vulnerable customer reports, high risk case reports, pipeline reports and more.
• Access to key third party services integrated from within the system e.g. conveyancing referrals; ID&V checks; land registry checks and many more.


Could you provide examples of how the OMS platform has improved the efficiency of your workflow or client interactions?
Try Financial has seen the efficiency of OMS drive up customer journeys by permitting a customer to input the information onto the fact find at their leisure and for that data to be locked.

The adviser can then go in and check this against bank statements, payslips etc and make amendment’s where required to ensure the data we hold and provide to the lender is 100% accurate at that time.

We have always prided ourselves on a paperless workspace. OMS’s integrated approach takes this to a completely new level and is hugely beneficial.


What distinguishes the OMS platform from other options in the market, and how does it cater to the unique requirements of your industry?
As a multi-disciplined, lending and protection market advice business, we appreciate very much that OMS provides additional databases within the CRM system for cases involving Bridging, Commercial and Secured Loans, including the ability to store documents.

Seconds are increasingly a key part of what we do, and OMS’s API interface with secured loan lenders on our lending panel, means we can compete with many of the specialist distributors much larger than ourselves, offering a streamlined and efficient processes to improve turnround times and customer experience at a lower cost to the consumer.


In what ways has the OMS platform enhanced your ability to manage and nurture your introducer relationships?
OMS has a very useful key feature for introducers. They can be provided with system access to review the progress of cases which they have referred to us or our advisers. This is another great feature and is easy to set up! After registration, a link on a desktop allows the introducer access via username and password, to see what stage their referral is, and the notes added by the adviser for them to view. The adviser can decide which notes can be seen and which can’t – a very useful feature that needs to be remembered!


What role does technology, particularly the OMS platform, play in ensuring compliance and security for Try Financial?
OMS operates a hierarchical user system which can be configured at adviser level and allows our compliance team to see exactly how and what is being done on individual cases, whenever the need to see them.

Cases can be viewed at any time during the mortgage and protection application process to check whether the case is meeting compliance standards.

Compliance reports on individual cases can be sent from within the system to the adviser. Furthermore, all data entered on the system and documents uploaded from clients used to support an application, are time and date stamped for a full audit trail.

The system is customisable, and we are very grateful to OMS for shaping things the way that we actually want them. For example, there specific sections built in for Consumer Duty and Vulnerable Customers


What’s in store in 2024 for Try Financial?
We are looking forward very much to taking the great things we have to offer to the wider market and proving that we have one of the best one-stop shops around for mortgage and protection advisers.

There will be more about protection, more about making our system processes quicker and more efficient, and making our service deliver even better outcomes for our customers on a regular basis. Much more of that anon!


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