Client Case Study – The Money Group

Scott Thorpe | CEO at The Money Group. 

Tell us a bit about TMG and what your company goals are for 2024?

Here at TMG Mortgage Network, we pride ourselves on being an innovative and dynamic financial services network. Since our establishment in 2021 we have rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing networks in the country, distinguishing ourselves by offering unparalleled support and a unique proposition tailored specifically for brokers, by brokers. Unlike other networks solely focused on size and scale, we prioritise quality over quantity, aiming not to become the largest network in the UK but rather to be recognised as the best. Our primary goal for 2024 at TMG is to continue fostering a network characterised by strong relationships, personalised support, and unwavering commitment to the success of its members.

Why did TMG decide to partner with OMS?

TMG decided to partner with OMS due to the significant value OMS could provide and the strong alignment between our companies in terms of ethos and aggressive growth plans. However, what truly distinguished OMS for us was its origin: designed by brokers, for brokers. This bespoke approach assured us that OMS was uniquely tailored for the industry by someone who intimately understands its intricacies, thereby making us feel confident it would be the perfect fit for our clients.

Can you highlight specific features or aspects of the OMS that attracted TMG?

TMG was attracted to specific features of OMS that include integrated sourcing and lending capabilities, alongside client and introducer portals. These features enhance efficiency, streamline the client journey, and contribute to a more professional experience, ultimately allowing TMG members to allocate more time to serve clients effectively.

What distinguishes the OMS platform from other options in the market, and how does it cater to the unique requirements of your industry?

The OMS platform stands out in the market due to its unparalleled ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our industry. Unlike any other tech firm we’ve worked with, Neal and the team at OMS have consistently evolved their platform to align with TMG requirements. This adaptability ensures that the OMS platform caters specifically to the unique demands of the industry, providing the flexibility and functionality essential for our continued growth and success.

What role does technology, particularly the OMS platform, play in ensuring compliance and security TMG?

The OMS platform plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance and security for our AR firms. OMS has a comprehensive end-to-end solution, providing a complete trail of customer interactions, as well as built-in sections for Consumer Duty and Vulnerable Customers. OMS also enables us to track customer outcomes, enhance diary systems for regular client contacts, and integrate reporting for consumer trend analysis. Additionally, it facilitates efficient transactions, potentially reducing abortive costs and enhancing our client care program, ultimately supporting consumers in achieving their financial objectives and allows or brokers to do so seamlessly
OMS ensures we remain compliant and prioritise customer protection.

This proactive approach and market understanding anticipate upcoming changes, minimising the need for constant requests and to keep up to date with all compliances of our complex industry.

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