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Unlock the power of OMS by instantly accessing comprehensive criteria research using our integration partners - Knowledge Bank & Legal & General Ignite.
Find the perfect lender match based on your client's unique circumstances and elevate the accuracy of your recommendations.
Seamlessly transition between OMS and Knowledge Bank and Legal & General Ignite, taking advantage of the standalone search function for focused research.

This powerful integration is your key to accessing the most accurate and up-to-date research, complementing your sourcing efforts flawlessly. Experience the power of both Knowledge Bank and Legal & General Ignite alongside OMS, available for every case and featuring a standalone search function.

Find the Lender for you

You can access a vast repository of lender criteria at your fingertips. This empowers you to narrow down potential lenders based on specific criteria, ensuring a precise match for your client’s unique circumstances. You’ll save valuable time and eliminate the guesswork, resulting in accurate and well-informed lender selection.

Seamless Efficiency keeping you in control

Whether you’re sourcing or conducting criteria research, the transition is effortless. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that keeps you in control, empowering you to find the most suitable lenders with ease. The combined power of OMS, Knowledge Bank and Legal & General Ignite ensures a streamlined and efficient process every step of the way.

Stand out with accurate and up to date research

Access to accurate and up-to-date information is essential for successful mortgage sourcing ensuring you select the right product for your client quickly. Rest assured that the research you obtain is the most current and reliable in the industry as each lender updates their own criteria ensuring it remains 100% accurate at all times. Sourcing quickly enables you to provide exceptional service to your clients with the depth and accuracy of your lender recommendations.

Access to smarter criteria sourcing

To access the full potential of this integration, a Knowledge Bank or Legal & General Ignite license is required. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet! We offer a seamless licensing process within OMS, allowing you to purchase a Knowledge Bank or Legal & General Ignite license directly through our platform. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your sourcing capabilities and deliver exceptional results to your clients.

Our integrations cover the entire lifecycle of the process, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive experience
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