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For Lenders

In the ever-evolving landscape of UK mortgage fintech, OMS takes centre stage as a true game-changer.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to innovation – we proudly offer tailor-made solutions, addressing the distinctive challenges that the sector faces.

For lenders, the challenge is multifaceted. We understand that they must navigate high volumes of mortgage applications while upholding rigorous compliance standards, ensuring a top-notch customer experience, whilst maximising efficiency.

OMS steps in as the solution, offering a customer and broker portal through to a Lender Origination platform that automates and provides flexibility to the underwriting process offering an extensive workflow and task management process.

Powerful Integrations

Reduce time to offer by using third party collaboration tools to provide data earlier in the process

Customise your Process

Self serve capability to provide you with more control on pricing & rules updates, workflows through to documentation and reporting

All Lending Products

All lending products – to cover all your customers needs and expansions into other lending areas.

Experience Efficiency

Multiple Integration partners – create your own ecosystem with existing OMS partners or technology partners of your choice

Reporting Dashboards

Full Reporting Suite – for all your reporting needs from regulatory reporting or internal reporting

Create your own ecosystem

This translates to faster and more precise application processing. Moreover, our cutting-edge technology facilitates seamless communication between lenders, brokers, and third-party partners like valuation experts and conveyancers. The result? A streamlined and efficient mortgage origination process that benefits everyone involved.

The platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) API led platform which gives lenders the control to self-configure key areas of the system to enable changes and launches to the market more rapidly.

The OMS portal and underwriting journey supports all lending types from Residential, Buy to Let, Bridging, Commercial, Second Charge and Equity Release and no need to wait for lengthy implementation times or change cycles.

Caters for all lending products

In an industry where data security and compliance remain top priority, OMS goes above and beyond. We’ve made substantial investments in state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures, guaranteeing the utmost protection for sensitive data. Moreover, our system is meticulously designed to comply with all relevant regulations, ensuring peace of mind for both brokers and lenders.

As you explore the OMS platform, you will discover the depth and breadth of our expertise across all elements of the mortgage sector, catering for residential, buy to let, bridging and second charge mortgage products.

Our unwavering dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions catapults us to the forefront of the mortgage fintech realm. We’re not just a tech provider; we’re driving a positive revolution within the industry.

Join us as we reshape the future of mortgages.

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We pride ourselves not only on the sophistication of our technology but also on the partnerships we forge with our clients. Collaboration lies at the heart of everything we do which is why we allow you to customise your system to how you work. We work closely with our clients, understanding your goals and aspirations, to co-create tailored solutions that drive meaningful impact and achieve remarkable results.

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