New Starter Guide

Starting a case:

Click on the homepage and select ‘Start a new enquiry’. If you would like to start at a different stage, select a ‘case manager’ and choose which tab you would like to start from, i.e., DIP. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Start a new DIP’.

If you will be starting from DIP Application often, let us know and we can set up some more options for you on the homepage.

Starting workflows:

  • ENQ: Must submit the declaration; the tasks will then show up for you.
  • DIP: Once an application type is selected and saved, the workflows will start for you.
  • Copied case: Click on case options and select start workflow.

Filling in tabs:

  • At ENQ stage: The only mandatory fields are Applicant’s First and Surname, Application and Enquiry Type, and Submission of the Declaration.
  • At DIP stage: The mandatory fields will be marked with an asterisk (*). These fields need to be filled in to save that particular tab and for the integrations to work.

Inviting Clients to the Portal:

To invite a client, you must first create an enquiry (ENQ) case. Then, start the workflow and take the case forward to the Fact Find stage. At this point, the Client Invitation button will appear in the top right of the case.

Creating and Customising workflows:

To amend a workflow – select the home page and click ‘workflows and stages’  – on here we have given you a list of workflows as standard. You can click create to start a brand-new workflow but to start we would recommend you can edit one that’s already there – if you are editing we would recommend for you to copy that workflow so you can revert back to the original If needed.

Once you have selected the workflow you would like to edit –

The system has 5 different types for:

  • Mortgages – Enquiry – DIP – Application – On Hold – Not Proceeding,
  • Bridging – Enquiry – Bridging DIP, Bridging Application – On Hold – Not Proceeding

4 different types for

  • Insurance – Enquiry – Insurance – On Hold – Not Proceeding
  • Equity Release – Enquiry – Equity Release – On Hold – Not Proceeding

When customising workflows you need to make sure that each of these are listed in the type column for example:

Within each stage will be a set of tasks located on the right-hand side – click on the number shown and this will give you more information about the individual tasks.

On here you can edit, change the order, rename, assign or delete tasks.

Customising Checklist Items:

Click on the homepage, select workflows and changes, and choose the workflow you would like to add a checklist item to. Select the checklist tab to add items, assign them to a user, and choose the folder where the document will be saved.

Editing Documents/Notes/Email Templates:

You can edit these in your settings under templates.

The system uses ‘tokens’ to grab information from the fact find and automatically update the document for you. Select which tokens you would like to use from the drop-down menu while editing the templates.

Adding your Email Signature:

You will need to send a request via the helpdesk: We just need the template, if there are any photos or links attached, you will need to add them separately to the email as an image for us to recreate your signature in the system.

Setting up Introducers:

Users can add introducers via the login page by clicking on ‘Register Here’ and selecting ‘Business Introducer’. Alternatively, you can create a company and add individual users by navigating to Home / Accounts / Companies, opening/creating a company, and then using the Create User button. For each user added, ensure that the user type is selected as ‘RDI Broker’ and the role is set as ‘RDI- Default’. If the option is selected, a welcome email containing the email and password will be sent to the introducer. Otherwise, they need to make a note of the password as it disappears once saved.

If you would like us to amend the welcome email, please send us a template.


Product Expiry Dates:

As long as you input a date in the product expiry field (details tab at DIP stage), the system will create a task for you 6 months before the product is due to expire. If you would like to change this or set up automated emails, please contact the helpdesk.


Please ask the help desk if you would like access to your reporting suite – we will provide you with an additional log in for this.

We provide you with a set of reports as a default, if you want something in specific you can let the helpdesk know and we can build this report done for you. You just need to make sure that we can pull the data from our CRM system to create this specific report for you. Please let us know if you need to schedule regular reports.